To Beguile and Defraud the Vulnerable

* Note
Do not share my address with my roommate ("Susie") or the perpetrator ("Marie") for they did not know where I lived before the shelter.  The roommate might know something or might be in on this crime so I want confidentiality.

Toronto Police Service
Event #22-1202284

Location A
(con prepared and vulnerable biological female targeted, mark loaded with factitious storyline), and
Location B & C (con culminated with extortion of financial access).

Location Type:
Bank machines and bank institution

Fraud Type:
Bank Fraud (bad checks), Extortion

Fraud Under $5,000
T22054482  original online report;
rejected by horrible CORE system.
2022-06-22 05:39 PM

Name: DOE, Jane (Female)
DOB: 1983-02-09 (39 years old)

Please Carbon-Copy ALL communications to representative for the Complainant:


Representative for Complainant:

  • Name: TESTES, Chad W. (Male)
  • DOB: 1987-10-13 (35 years old)
  • Address: 565 Sherbourne Street,
    Toronto, ON M4X 1W7
  • Phone: 716-608-3531
  • Email:

Incident Location:

Location A, room #322 (Victim & "Susie") and room #317 (Suspect "Marie"),
and then Location B & Location C.

  • Incident 1, 2: 2022-06-16 10:50 AM
  • Incident 3: 2022-06-21 01:50 PM


Surveillance Preservation Requests:



Complaint to Simplii Financial made on June 21, 2022.  case number is 00031452.

  1. June 1st, 2022 thru June 21st
  2. June 16th, 2022 at approx 10:00am
  3. June 20th, 2022 between 1:30-3:00pm

I met "Marie" through roommate "Susie" in room #322 (bed 2) he hanged out with her.

"Marie" told us was a doctor, was fleeing his abusive ex-husband (sympathetic false narrative), claimed he was raped by his husband a black man (more sympathetic narrative).


  1. Temporary COVID-19 Shelter Sites (Female):
    • 20 Milner Business Court,
      Scarborough, ON M1B 3C6
  2. CIBC Branch with ATM:
    • 5074 Sheppard Avenue East,
      Scarborough, ON   M1S4N3
  3. RBC ATM at Petro Canada:
    • 1525 Markham Rd,
      Scarborough, ON M1B 2W1

Bank holds me accountable unless I report it to police. I am owing the bank $990. With the bank fees are $9 and $15 with a total of $1,014.

As of June 24th, 2022 the third check has been dishonoured I now owe a NSF of $7.50. I had the bank reverse two check fees. Now I have a third check fee from the last check he gave me. So I am out of $990,  and $7.50 NSF Fee. The total "Marie" withdrew in cash was $990, and all the cheques turned out to be bad cheques.

Bank And Other Financial Institutions

  • Location A
  • Location B
  • Location C
  • "Marie" carrying cheques of Dr Mohammad Omar MANSOURY. MANSOURY was charged with mass fraud (in excess of $1.06 million) between August 2014 and December 2019, and with defrauding the public, uttering threats and criminal harassment. He had 2 co-accused men and a woman were suspected of being involved in “extensive paramedical clinic schemes occurring throughout the Region of Peel.MANSOURY and his accomplices were convicted in the fall of 2020. He and the co-accused parties may have been imprisoned in Milton, at Maplehurst Correctional Complex. Certain data points line up to imply that as a reasonable course of events.
  • "Marie" claims to be fleeing an abusive husband, a large "black male" who sexually assaulted and penetratively raped him. Marie claims to be moving to aa location just blocks away from where the victim lives with her husband, and has further attempted to recruit the victim of this occurrence as a live-in caregiver for his three children.
  • "Susie" is a self-confessed drug dealer who lifts cellular devices from unsuspecting individuals. Claims that her "black male" boyfriend is imprisoned, possibly on remand or for summary charges, or a blend of fact and fiction, from her recount to the victim of this occurrence. It is of note that the charged individuals included a 27-year-old (now 28/29) New Tecumseh woman by the name of "Homayra Mansoury".
  • The original accused parties were:
    • - 32-year-old (now 33/34) Nobleton man Mohammad Omar MANSOUR
    • - 23-year-old (now 24/25) Nobleton man Mohammed Sobhan MANSOUR
    • - 27-year-old (now 28/29) New Tecumseh woman Homayra MANSOUR
    • 38-year-old (now 39/40) New Tecumseh man Rameen WIDA
  • They were convicted in the fall of 2020 of Summary Offences, so that'd be less than 24 months (2 years) so it'd stand to reason that after a medium stint in jail, he or they need to replenish the funds, for a more concerted fraud. It's also worth noting that Woodbine Foot & Orthotics Clinic Inc., the dummy base of operations, was recently revived in the fall of 2020 (2020 Sep 11) at about the time they were convicted.
  • Phone numbers of interest:
    • 905-673-3338
    • 437-288-6599
    • 416-831-9674
  • Effeminate Male (Self-Identifying Woman), Short black hair, black eyeliner, wore often female like clothes, effeminate man said was taking estrogen to soften his features.
  • He was between 5' 7" and 5' 9". He has a tan had olive skin tone with five a clock shadow. Had light brown to dark brown eyes, fit man, who wore light makeup sometimes but not on day went to bank, only had some black eyeliner.
  • Cultural background: said was native from east coast, maybe Nova Scotia don't remember, spoke French.
  • Effeminate man with short hair dark black hair, with spiky red/brown hair at front.  Man called himself "Marie" from room #317 at Location A, now turned partially into a shelter for vulnerable women.
  • On June 16th "Marie" came to room #322 and asked if I could cash a cheque for him, due to him leaving debit card in his abuser's house. He showed me a card with a picture ID as a counsellor, he said he worked at a Shelter for youth. He showed me his new lease he said he was moving into a house in two weeks to the Rosedale area.  He said that he needs access to his funds since he has expenses and also moving expenses, so on and so forth. (Boiling the frog, increasing the heat) He told me he had three children and that they were with his aunt in Milton (Check if he's been in the Hurst) and that his aunt was away in Montreal so he couldn't get his other belongings yet.  I looked at his card and lease quickly but not thoroughly, now I wish I would have looked at both carefully.
  • I told him to just go to MoneyCash or other cheque changing place he said I was short of money and I could help him to cash his cheque, seemed to know about me said I was going through a divorce, I was surprised and said to him "No, not a divorce, just a separation."
  • He was sympathetic and told me that he had gone through a divorce himself, seemed kind and thoughtful, he offered some counselling claiming that he was studying to be a psychiatrist and could counsel me. I declined and told him not to worry about me.  We walked to Location B and I used the machine for my Simplii account and put in my PIN and after he handled the machine to deposit and withdraw the money, the machines have cameras. (reason we need to get a preservation request)
  • I deposited his $500.00 cheque for him, and cashed it, he took the money into his wallet, he used the machine after he let me put my PIN. (Put preservation request ASAP; Will likely need a warrant to secure the footage)
  • "Marie" said he'd compensate me with $200 (making the target feel guilty as a part of the con), he deposited another $500 cheque and wanted to withdraw It, but could not because check was put on hold. So he gave me $15 (making the victim feel like part of the crime) to help me out a bit and said he'd give me $200 (future reward conditional upon participation in the fraud) when the funds would be released. He left for the plaza across the street to a nail salon he went to get his nails done.  Perhaps he gave some name there.
  • June 20th he knocked on my room and my roommate was sleeping, he came to me with story that needed to have access to the rest of the funds, told him there was a hold of rest with $100 releasable now. Told me to come out, he didn't want my roommate "Susie" to hear our conversation. (encouraging continue secrecy)
  • We went to Location B, a store with RBC bank machine, I punched in my PIN and he operated the machine after this, he tried to withdraw more but he saw that only $100 was available to withdraw, so he withdrew first $80 then $20. he took out $100 said he needed it for some expenses. Told him I didn't want to use another bank other than Simpli next time because of the fees, said we should use a Simplii machine.  I assumed he would wait and I wanted to check with the bank but I didn't have time to do this for he later came to my room before I could vet him.
  • Later in the day on June 20th, "Marie" came to me said he couldn't wait for funds to be released so would deposit another $ 500 so as to have the rest and told me to keep another $200. I told him okay but that only $200 was fine, he insisted. Told him that hold of $100 was still on.  We walked to Location C, he said that funds would be released if he put more money in, that he just got an inheritance from his mom. Bank released $390 to him; he again handled the machine.
  • June 21st I went to visit a friend in midtown left Scarborough early morning.
  • I worried about the transactions went to bank in midtown to print out activities, this was about early afternoon maybe after five. Discovered that two checks had bounced and was charged with 2 NSF fees. In midtown called bank to inquire on June 21st and spoke with Ryan, and confirmed with him that that 2 checks frozen and the last check probably would not be honoured.
  • I told bank checks were from resident at shelter who wrote the amount to me and found out that I have been defrauded out of $990. Called the shelter/hotel, spoke with Serge the site leader who told me his shift ended at 11:00pm.  Informed them what had happened and the man's room number, told them about the bad check but was told to come back and they would address it there.
  • Arrived at shelter about 10:30pm and did not speak with Serge but was told to speak with Shift supervisor who managed the 3rd floor. The Muslim woman told me that she didn't want to disclose the identity of "Marie" and told me he had been discharged on June 21st while I had been out. She told me to talk to the Shift manager Omar.
  • I asked Omar if he could help me, told him what had happened and asked him if he could tell me the full name of "Marie" and his contact info and to where he was discharged to
  • Omar didn't want to tell me, even though I told him that bank fraud crime had been committed on me by his resident "Marie" in room 317.
  • I told the security guard at the time that I was going to leave, and that I didn't feel safe anymore.  I had gone into room #322 packed my clothing and left the room, my roommate "Susie" was sleeping.
  • I went to talk to the security guard in the hotel lobby, had my bags with me when my roommate "Susie" walks out of the elevator and sees me and asks where I am going.  I told her nowhere but that I am leaving since I don't feel safe, she said "you've got your bags," I said to her that her friend "Marie" has just defrauded me of money, he has stolen money.  She asked me how, how much. I then felt strange and realized that I shouldn't talk to her about this, I told her "you know what you're not the police, I will talk to the police"  She then made her eyes small in a menacing manner and instead of expressing sympathy or some small talk or help, She said something like "You've got all your bags and who knows if you're stealing from me."  She said to me that I have a home and I am using the shelter. I told her no I don't steal and before I could reply to her accusations she threatened me with "don't come back here, don't you come back to this area" she left before I was able to reply, the security was with me. She threatened me and I can't help but feel she might be in on this fraud or knew of his ill reputation and didn't warn me.  I remember the second time, June 20th, asking "Marie" who had told him I was going through a divorce, and he told me "your roommate."
  • Coincidentally, I remember meeting "Marie" on Sunday June 12 he rode with me on the subway, before I even met him at the shelter. He started conversation with me, He got off same subway stop and walked with me down Sherbourne St.  He was having trouble with the sandals had some bandages on his feet. Started talking to me saying that he was a doctor, and was studying to be a psychiatrist, he had 7 years of university and needed only 3 more years to finish.  We went our separate paths when he crossed over to the park St James Town North parkette and into I believe Bleecker street, telling me he was going to visit a friend.   I now find it significant since I later met him at the shelter through my roommate "Susie". It appears to me that he had been watching me, targeting me for the crime.  I don't know.


In 2020, Mohammad Omar Mansoury was convicted of extorting over 1.06M from Ontario residents. Having been released because of COVID-19, he's now targeting vulnerable women house at Toronto Shelters for Abused Women.

Mr Mansoury self identifies as a "Woman" and uses his accomplices to target vulnerable women for his fraud and extortionate schemes. Mr MANSOURY is documented as having made claims that he was raped by his abusive African-American ex-husband, and further violating the trust of women at their most vulnerable time in life.

  • Person of Interest:
    • "Susie"


  • "Marie"
    • Possible Pre-Transition Identity "Dr Mohammad Omar Mansoury" (Foot Doctor, see Articles)